Chasing The Unicorn | A Mozambican Surf Story
Chasing The Unicorn | A Mozambican Surf Story BUZZBOX 1 Views • 10 months ago

Chasing the Unicorn traces the history of surfing in post-war Mozambique, while searching for a mythical wave known as the African Kirra.
Along the way we meet Sung Min Cho and Julia Fernando, the country’s leading surfers, and get acquainted with Mozambique’s burgeoning surf culture that has risen up in the wake of 30 years of armed conflict.

Featuring: Sung Min Cho, Eli Beukes, Julia Fernando, Jordy Smith, Brendon Gibbens, Mikey February and others.

A film by Now Now Media presented by Monster Energy
In association with O’Neill
Director of photography Alan van Gysen
Executive Producer Ryan Franklin
Written and Directed by Will Bendix
Produced by Alan van Gysen
First Camera Ian Thurtell
Edited by Will Bendix

SailGP – a revolution in yacht racing
SailGP – a revolution in yacht racing Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

In SailGP, five-member crews representing six countries race identical F50 foiling catamarans in the world’s most famous harbours. Complex control systems and high-end carbon-fibre materials, combined with supreme teamwork and athleticism, enable the boats to skim the water at exhilarating speeds. Australia won the inaugural SailGP title in 2019. After topping the table through five regattas, the team helmed by Tom Slingsby then beat Japan in the deciding match race in Marseille. Rolex is the Presenting Partner and Official Timepiece of SailGP, enhancing a partnership with yachting that dates back more than 60 years. Discover more

Rolex has always associated with activities driven by passion, excellence, precision and team spirit. It naturally gravitated towards the elite world of yachting six decades ago and today supports the most prestigious clubs, races and regattas. The brand is Title Sponsor of 15 major international events – from leading offshore races, such as the annual Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the biennial Rolex Fastnet Race, to grand prix competition at the Rolex TP52 World Championship and spectacular gatherings at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and the Rolex Swan Cup. It also supports the exciting new SailGP series, where national teams race in supercharged F50 catamarans on some of the world’s most famous harbours. Rolex’s partnerships with the likes of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, New York Yacht Club and Royal Yacht Squadron are the foundation of its enduring relationship with this dynamic sport.
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Braai | The Search
Braai | The Search Greg McEwan-Marriott 4 Views • 11 months ago

Join us on The Search -

In Africa for the Tour, Matt Wilkinson and Owen Wright head deep south and rubber up against all things Dark Continent.

Words as told By Wilko to Dave Sparkes, Photos by Corey Wilson and Stu Gibson.

"We’d been in J-Bay and since we were both out of the running for the WSL event we thought, well sweet; we’re in a good part of the world for wearing wetsuits and finding some space to ourselves so we thought: Let’s go searching."

Filmed and edit by Nick Pollet
Additional filming by Andrew Buckley, Paul Daniels and Dylan Jeffery
Drone footage by Stu Gibson

Artist: Lionfish Music
Track: African
Source: Getty Images

Artist: ANTB
Track: African Dance Groove
Source: Getty Images

Artist: Conway Hambone
Track: Web Space Junk Instro
Source: Getty Images

Light Line - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier
Light Line - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

Jean-Baptiste CHANDELIER ( JBprod ) / Pilot&Edit :
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- website :

Jean-Baptiste MERENDET ( Lightricks ) / Camera

Adrien NISAN ( ShamsProd ) / Camera :
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Louis GARNIER / Photographer :
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Light Line conquest, the behind the scenes video here :

Music :
I Am Not Lefthanded - Boats ( step away )
On Itune :
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F-ONE | ONE DECADE Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

10 years ago we went on a trip to Madagascar we would never forget.There are memories that deserve to be lived again. Going back this year we realized that some dreams do become true.

Back then Raphael and the team went to the land of a divine barreling left and an ideal lagoon on the Emerald Sea to shoot ADDIKT. The memories of those rides were intact and they were dreaming to relive them.

At the time they dreamt of getting barreled with more compact surfboards, flying above water and landing double handle passes.They inspired some kids to become pro kiteboarders, some others to learn how to fly. Those dreams came true.

Film: Olivier Sautet (
Film: Pierre-Dominique Lena (
Edit: Gilles Langlois, Cat’s Eyes Prod (

#fonekites #foneculture #foneadventure #fonepassion #foneteam #fonehistory #fonefoil #fonesup

Beautiful Idiot
Beautiful Idiot Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

Beautiful Idiot takes you on a ride through the mindset and motivations of those who feel driven to pursue greatness, how it can feel to fall short, and the consequences of reaching a lofty goal when the struggle to get there has defined you for so long. Featuring professional freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder.

Directed by - Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson

Written by - Anders J. Svensson

Featuring - Brett Rheeder

With - Elliot Friesen and Austin Friesen

Produced by - GRAIN and Harrison Mendel

Executive Producers - Dustin Brady, Andrew Shandro, Robb Thompson, Steve Seely, Kent Toth, Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel

Director of Photography - Harrison Mendel

Principle Cinematographer - Liam Mullany

Additional Cinematography - Seger Nelson and Brody Jones

Editors - Harrison Mendel and Shelley Fried

Colorist - Steve Seely

VFX - Calvin Sun

Title Design - Shelley Fried

Music Composer - Windmills, Cory Myraas, Mitch Lee

Sound Design and Mix - Mitch Lee and Taylor Richardson

VO - Brad Avenyou

Special Thanks -

David Chambers

Gloria Miller

Terran Wright

John Wright

Silver Star Bike Park

Cam Sorenson

Brad Baker

Oscar Gordon

Phil Gaudette

Snowbird Lodge

Skyride Bike Shop

Terence Geisbrecht

Bike Mag

Nicole Formosa

Anthony Smith

Will Ritchie

Clif Bar

Bryan Cole

Nor-val Rentals

Tony Friesen

Monica Friesen

BX Press


Builders -

LOFT Bike Parks

Dustin Gilding

Austin Davignon

Alexander Chisholme

Silver Star Bike Park

Cam Sorenson

Jason Martin

Ben Byers

Ben Schlieth

Matt Dennis

Noah Brousseau

Ben Imrich

Logan Imrich

Matt Macduff

Corbin Selfe

Bryan Sciuk

Brett Rheeder

Simon Mclaine

Liam Mullany

Harrison Mendel

Robb Thompson

Jeremy Wiess

Seger Nelson

Let Go Or Be Dragged
Let Go Or Be Dragged Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

Early this year the Billabong Adventure Division embarked on a trip to to the rural corners of Co Clare, Ireland. Desillusion Magazine editor Robin Pailler, spent three days documenting Shane Dorian & Benjamin Sanchis as they travelled across the Irish landscape, in search of some of the heaviest waves nature has to offer.

Supported by Billabong

Featuring Shane Dorian & Benjamin Sanchis

Surf Footage by Michael Darrigade, Alex Laurel & Vincent Kardasik

Produced by Jean-Louis Rodrigues, Shannan North, François Liets, Sam Carrier, Adam Dayson & Franck Corbery

Special Thanks to Paul O’Kane, Carlos Ferrari, Steve Thomas, Peter Conroy, Fiona Cronin & The Irish Community

Adventure Division – a premium collection of ultra-functional surf wear, motivated by a philosophy of innovation and devoted to encouraging the most adventurous of lifestyles.

‘Goodbye (Instrumental)’
by Apparat
from the album The Devil’s Walk

Amazing Freeride Forest
Amazing Freeride Forest Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

this is NOT my video, i just downloaded it
PLACE: Vancouver Island
MUSIC: Neon Hitch ft. Liam Horne - Am I Dreaming (Easy Does It Remix)
RIDER: Strahan Loken
original here

'A Sense Of Space' with Torren Martyn
'A Sense Of Space' with Torren Martyn Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

Space (/speɪs/)


1. a continuous area or expanse which is free, available or unoccupied.

Introducing ‘A Sense of Space’, the latest feature following the life of SurfStitch ambassador, Torren Martyn.

Filmed and edited by close pal Ishka Folkwell, this mini documentary embodies his hometown day to day rituals perched somewhere in the Byron Bay shire. From the rural landscapes of northern New South Wales to then getting lost in the desert somewhere in North West WA, the fifteen minute flick encapsulates the meaning of exploration and the elements, whether it’s waves or otherwise, that come with it. The result is exactly that, a picture-perfect view of how adventurous life can be if we all take two, slow down and enjoy the little things and the simple moments.

“You know where you just sort of stare up at the stars and you just feel insignificant in a way, and you realise how big and wild the world is around you? It’s a nice feeling to have, I’m looking forward to getting back to that.”

Get a view into Torren’s persona and tune into ‘A Sense of Space’ above, then continue scrolling as we get an exclusive chat to talk more about the projects creation, the diversity of exploring Australia’s definitive and ever changing coastlines, the high and lows of the journey and much more.
Where did the name ‘A Sense Of Space’ originate?
West Australia itself is so remote and desolate in many ways, just plain simple living, I really enjoy my own space and that humbling feeling of being amongst all the elements.

How long was this feature film in the works for?
The film itself was shot over a couple of weeks, piecing it together and marrying it with an original soundtrack took a few more weeks.

Tell us about the locations featured and why they were chosen for the flick. It’s incredible to see the diverse and different landscapes of both sides of Australia!
The diversity from North to South and East to West is something that I always appreciate and am fascinated by in Australia alone. It’s incredible, the locations in the film are the east coast and the far north west, geographically they are about as far away as you could be from the other, lush and green on one side and barren and dry on the other. Quite a contrast indeed!

You and Ishka have worked together on a number of projects and you seem to nail it every time, what makes it work so well?
Ishka and I are best mates. We’re both on the same page on a lot of levels we travel well together, have similar aesthetic taste and enjoy making films together. Shooting around home you obviously have your usual comforts, though The West Oz section is something completely new and different.

What was it like being out in the middle of nowhere and scoring day after day?
To be honest we weren’t exactly scoring day after day at all, the conditions, wind weather and waves were all pretty unpredictable. We had some moments but it was nice spending time out there, off the grid, surfing, fishing and catching up with a good mate of ours that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Tell us about some of the highs and lows of the journey?
The trip and time over west was a high, sharing waves with new and old friends, camp fires, red wine and plenty of laughs. I gave my foot a bit of a brush against the reef and it got quite infected and got a little debilitating towards the of the trip but all in all it was nothing but a good time.

Oscar Langburne | Dancing Barefoot
Oscar Langburne | Dancing Barefoot Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

Surfing is a super fun part of my life. Don’t know how to explain it but it’s just such a fucking beautiful thing.

From being inspired by Asher, Steph, Rob, Parko, Craig, Creed, Tom Curren and people who never look like they’re fighting the wave to also seeing the joy surfing gives most people... kids starting out, old people just floating around with a smile.

There are no airs in it cause if people wanna watch airs it’s not going to be me it’s going to be the best guys like Ryan, Jon, Chippa, Taj all those crazy good surfers or kids and younger guys like Noah, Eli, Shane and Cole. Maybe in another clip or maybe not.

Special thanks to Nathan Webster and James Kates... the friendship, laughs, filming, editing, encouragement and everything else. Thanks to all the Indo locals for sharing the waves everywhere we went. Big thanks to Pat Tenore and the RVCA crew for supporting all types of surfing and creativity.

Title is a sick Patti Smith song called Dancing Barefoot

Hope people dig it

P.S Oh and the claims on one wave haha... I just got bit over excited.

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Team Average 3 - Sri Lanka
Team Average 3 - Sri Lanka Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

For this year’s Team Average adventure, we put Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew Allen, Craig Anderson, Dion Agius and Dylan Rieder on a plane and sent them to the island country of Sri Lanka. There they surfed and skated and rode through the verdant hills in a bus helmed by a lunatic. They also had the time of their lives. And how could they not? Most skate/surf trips are about the frantic hunt for spots and swell, getting the photos and footage you’re contractually obligated to bring home, and that means there’s very little time to check out where in the world you are. But a Team Average trip, as you’ll know from previous issues, isn’t about documenting an action-packed story; it’s about like-minded souls getting to know each other while experiencing and exploring unfamiliar and exotic lands. It’s about friendship and bonding and living in the moment. And sometimes it’s about dropping a hot one behind a palm tree. Presented by Monster Children and Corona Extra in association with Quiksilver and Roxy.

Directed by Mike Piscitelli

RAFALE FRENCH NAVY PILOTS - CHILLOUT 3 Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

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Pilotes de Chasse Marine Nationale - French Navy Pilots

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Using music for this clip authorized by Ennja

Ennja - Getaways

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RAFALE FRENCH NAVY PILOTS - CHILLOUT 2 Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

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Pilotes de Chasse Marine Nationale - French Navy Pilots

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Adventure: Awesome Downhill Mountain Biking in a Foggy Forest
Adventure: Awesome Downhill Mountain Biking in a Foggy Forest Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 11 months ago

Awesome Downhill Mountain Biking in a Forest. For more travel adventure and activity ideas visit us at

Callum aka The Gunslinger twerks (NOT!!!) RIPS up Stanford Downhill Classic #buzztv
Callum aka The Gunslinger twerks (NOT!!!) RIPS up Stanford Downhill Classic #buzztv Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 11 months ago

Callum MCEWAN-MARRIOTT aka The Gunslinger twerks (NOT!!!!) RIPS up Stanford downhill - starring Hip The Twerker, Snoop Doggy Dog, some dude on his mobile phone and John Travolta - #gunslinger #skateboards #buzztv buzztv.INTERNATIONAL

The World is Ours x HK Army RED EPIC
The World is Ours x HK Army RED EPIC BUZZBOX 1 Views • 11 months ago

2011 End of the Season Video Mix including footage from the final events and clips from a red epic being used for paintball for the first time some highspeed HD slowmotion! Individual Videos for PSP World Cup, Paris World Cup, Asia World Cup, Norway Master, and NPPL Las Vegas coming this month! H!

Filmed & Edited by Cassidy Sanders

Song: Antichrist - Night Shadow (F.O.O.L Dubstep Remix)

Under the Hull: an 11th Hour Racing Team documentary (Full film 4K)
Under the Hull: an 11th Hour Racing Team documentary (Full film 4K) Greg McEwan-Marriott 2 Views • 12 months ago

Under the Hull takes viewers behind the scenes as the Newport, Rhode Island based team lines up against the masters of the sport of offshore sailing – the French – in the build-up to the double-handed race across the Atlantic.

From the building of a brand new, state-of-the-art 60-foot foiling race boat, to the physical, mental and onboard training, the film gives unrivaled insights into the highs and lows as the four sailors, supported by an international shore team, prepared their two entries – Mālama and Alaka’i – for the race of the year.

A Ben Bireau documentary.


Official YouTube of 11th Hour Racing Team, on a mission to win The Ocean Race 2022-23, led and co-skippered by American offshore sailors Charlie Enright and Mark Towill. The Team places sustainability at the core of all operations and is currently training out of Newport, Rhode Island in the United States.

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The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez | Patagonia Films
The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez | Patagonia Films Greg McEwan-Marriott 1 Views • 12 months ago

From award-winning documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta comes Patagonia’s The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez, a film that lifts the veil on one of surfing’s most enigmatic heroes. While “Mr. Pipeline” is famously known for his calm demeanor in the tube, Gerry built his early career on cutthroat, aggressive surfing. Gerry is as radical as he is Zen; he transcends categorization. He’s one of the most influential surfers and surfboard shapers of all time, an entrepreneur, a family man, a movie star, and a lifelong yogi who brought surfing to new frontiers. His influence on modern surfing is immeasurable, and his story is being told in full for the first time.

Produced and Directed by Stacy Peralta
Written by Stacy Peralta & Sam George
Produced by Monika McClure
Executive Producers Evan Hayes, Alex Lowther, Josh Nielsen
Editor Paul Crowder
Music by Matter

Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes | A New Year - Episode 1
Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes | A New Year - Episode 1 BUZZBOX 2 Views • 12 months ago

In the premiere episode, presented by Outerknown, Kelly Slater prepares for the start of the 2019 WSL Championship Tour and the hunt for his twelfth World Title. Before the demanding season begins, he trains his body and fuels his mindset with the people and passions that make the Gold Coast of Australia feel like home.

Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes gives fans the rare opportunity to witness never-before-seen footage of the best surfer on the planet. From free surfs to travel to adventures around the world, these are uncut and unfiltered moments from before, after, and outside competition. Follow 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater as he navigates another transformative season of his legendary career.

For More Check Out:
Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes | The Storm -

THE GREATEST HEAT EVER? John John Florence VS Kelly Slater '14 Tahiti Full Heat Replay | WSL REWIND -

John John Florence VS Kelly Slater!!! Semifinal 2020 PIPE MASTERS FULL HEAT REPLAY -

Kelly Slater vs Seth Moniz FINAL - FULL HEAT REPLAY Billabong Pro Pipeline -

Kelly Slater vs Barron Mamiya CRAZY HEAT Billabong Pro Pipeline Round Of 16 FULL HEAT REPLAY


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Beyond Limits - Freestyle Windsurfing Passion
Beyond Limits - Freestyle Windsurfing Passion BUZZBOX 3 Views • 12 months ago

#best of Windsurfing 2023, #4k, #windsurfing, #tutorial Windsurfing 2023, #top Windsurfing 2023.
Beyond Limits - Freestyle Windsurfing Passion
Windsurfing is one of the most popular sea sports, combining sea and wind as tools at the beautiful beaches around the world.
Windsurfing is a sport that is fun to learn. You can learn different maneuvers and techniques like water starts, jumps, jibes, tacks, 360's with each training. It will give you the space to create your own style if you are patient and you keep practicing.

JP Australia:
JP windsurfing boards and sailboards freestyle wave, single thruster, super sport, wave, twinser quad, x-cite ride, funster.
Jason Polakow (born 10 November 1971 in Torquay, Victoria) is an Australian professional windsurfer from Victoria. He founded the watersports company JP Australia and was the first windsurfer to ride big wave of Nazare, in Portugal. Polakow gained notoriety in 1991 when we won the Marui/O’Neill World Cup Grand Slam contest against Robby Naish becoming the first non-Hawaiian ever to win a World Cup Wave contest in Hawaii.

Keep the eye on the target

Hope you enjoy the video.
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1. ONLAP - Running (2016 Edition) (Non Copyrighted Rock) {FT Release}
2. Onlap - The Awakening (Non Copyrighted Rock)

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