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REMOTE ISLAND Landfall – Post Gale | Sailing Florence Ep.165

2 Views • 02 October 2023

Is it RELIEF or JOY that we feel as the rugged remote island of Flores appears on the horizon? Landfall after an Ocean Passage is always an exciting time. Sailing into a new port never gets old. This isolated island has been called the Marquesas of the Atlantic Ocean and we can't wait to explore.

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We have been sailing around the world for 7 years after setting off from England in 2016 on board our 37ft sail boat Florence. Join us as we share the highs, lows, and challenges of travelling around the world by boat, Sailing offshore across the Oceans and exploring remote locations with our own little tiny house. Boat life out at sea on the ocean and off the grid.

You can also follow us via our blog at http://www.sailwiththeflo.wordpress.com

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00:00 – Intro
01:36 – Increasing Sail after the Gale
05:33 – Baking bread at sea
07:49 – Outdoor shower mid-ocean
10:06 – Changing headsail at sea
13:40 – WHALE HO!
14:41 – Approaching Flores
17:20 – Exploring Flores

#sailing #ocean #sailingaroundtheworld #circumnavigation #sailingyachtflorence #boatlife #boatlifestyle #yachtlifestyle #syflorence #sailingdoublehanded #offshoresailing #atlanticcrossing music in order as played:
The New World - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Untouched Land - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Mellow Horizon - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Learn to Fly - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Tinsel - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Dreamland - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Growing Fond - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Glory in Heaven - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced
Ancient Ruins - [a][a][a][a][a][a][a][a]www.hooksounds.com[/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a][/a] – Licenced

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